Vancouver B.C.

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The weekend before Thanksgiving, David and I booked a short getaway to Vancouver B.C. It was a more than needed vacation and gave us a chance to explore a city neither of us knew much about.

Given we live in Seattle, Canada is just a short 2 1/2 hour drive north but neither of us have ever spent any real time up there. We both were excited for the local food scene. David was excited for the Chinese food too, which he’d been told had the most authentic Chinese food outside of actual China. Needless too say, we were not disappointed.

We were lucky that all three days we were there it was sunny, but much colder than Seattle! I’ll still take that over rain any day. One of our favorite explorations was walking around Stanley Park. A large park just on the other side of the downtown area that give you views off the city, the mountains and of course the water.

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China Trip Part One: Changsha

China Trip // With Love, AmandaSo it’s been several weeks since we arrived back in Seattle from our trip to China and life as seemed to get away from me but I’ve finally started to get photos from our trip pulled together to share on the blog. During our two and a half week trip we visited three different cities – each one very different from the other. Our first stop was in my husband’s hometown of Changsha. Definitely a city I’d never heard of until I met him but a hugely populated city nonetheless, I mean this is China. Changsha is a city that doesn’t get the same Westerner tourists that places like Beijing and Shanghai get so I really stuck out like a sore thumb when walking down the streets – I got a lot of awkwardly long stares from locals. The food in Changsha was very tasty but also so spicy and I am not one who does well with lots of spicy food. Along with heat in the food the heat in the air was just as hot! Mixing 85+ degree temps with 90 percent humidity meant lightweight clothes were a must! I found these super light shorts from Nordstrom Rack right before we left and I was so happy that I brought them so I didn’t feel like my clothes were sticking to me. These shorts also have a matching top available too (here).

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