Dusty Rose Wrap Blouse

Dusty Rose Wrap Top

It’s no secret that I love all shades of pink which is why when I saw this dusty rose wrap top at Madewell I couldn’t pass it up! (NOTE: I got this during an after Christmas sale but it’s currently on special at Nordstrom). For this post, I paired it with denim but I could also see this dressed up with a pair of white pant for spring or dress pants for the office.

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Drape Front Jacket

Max Jeans Drape Front Jacket

Jackets are probably something that I have too much of but in Seattle we tend to live in these for a large part of the year. Basic necessity? I think so. When I came across this drape front jacket at Nordstrom Rack I was sold on it pretty quickly. As we head into fall, Seattle is in this awkward transitional period where its not cold enough for a heavy jacket but also cool enough where I want some type of outerwear over my shirt. This jacket is perfect for that. Made from 100% Tencel, also known as lyocell, this is probably one of the softest materials I own! Read More

Tie-Front Button Down Shirt

With Love, Amanda // Seattle Fashion
One important staple in my closet is the white button down shirt. I’ve had several over the years and for some reason I always feel like I need another (this is especially true when I spill food or drink and permanently stain it!). What I love about a white button down shirt is that it literally goes with anything. I personally am a fan of wearing with denim but if I need to be dressier I love the look of a button down tucked into a pair of high-waisted trousers.

I am especially excited about the tie-front one featured in this post. Tie-front tops are definitely having a moment right now in fashion and I’m all about it. This particular one I found at Madewell and something that I really love about it is the weight of the fabric. It’s 100% cotton and just the right fabric weight that it can really be worn in all seasons. I sized up and am wearing it in a medium as I wanted it to have a looser fit and ensure it wasn’t too snug across my shoulders.

Heading into cooler weather I can see myself wearing this button down shirt under an oversized sweater or dressing up with a plaid blazer for the office.

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Hitting Refresh

With Love, Amanda // Seattle Fashion Blog

As someone who is a life-long lover of clothes, shoes and bags, starting a fashion blog was a no-brainer. But I’ve always had an inner conflict with fashion blogging because it promotes excessive consumption… all the time! Not only is that hard on our wallets but it perpetuates the destructive waste of fast fashion.

I’m guilty of being one of those people who opens her closet in the morning and exclaims “I have NOTHING to wear!” So, when I first heard the term “slow fashion” I was immediately curious. Does that mean I should stop buying new clothes all together? No. But what it does mean is taking a more thoughtful approach to purchasing rather than buying anything that struck my fancy. Slow fashion focuses on the quality and longevity of the product you buy. Think about it. Have you ever bought an article of clothing and after only a few wears and washes it starts to unravel? I have and it’s not a great feeling.

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Making A Statement

Statements // With Love, Amanda

Last weekend I attended the Create & Cultivate conference (so happy it finally came to Seattle!). This was an entire day filled of smart, successful women speaking on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to social media to personal branding. In addition to leaving with a iPhone camera roll full of Instagrammable content I also left inspired, refreshed and a little overwhelmed (from attempting to absorb the knowledge bombs dropped on me!)

Listening to a panel of beauty experts, who were speaking about building your brand from the ground up, one thing that really stuck with me was importance of being an authentic voice and having a point of differentiation from everyone else in your field. This is not ground-breaking advice but it’s something that so often feels ignored by many influencers. You don’t have to look too hard to see that the fashion blogging world is over-saturated with bloggers who all look and dress exactly alike. Many times there’s no real distinguishing factors or depth in content past just the photo posted (I’m guilty of this too). I think it’s so easy for all of us to fall into a habit of mimicking what we see top bloggers doing and the styles they’re wearing, which quickly leads to more cliche, copycat content that adds to the noise.

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