Making A Statement

Statements // With Love, Amanda

Last weekend I attended the Create & Cultivate conference (so happy it finally came to Seattle!). This was an entire day filled of smart, successful women speaking on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to social media to personal branding. In addition to leaving with a iPhone camera roll full of Instagrammable content I also left inspired, refreshed and a little overwhelmed (from attempting to absorb the knowledge bombs dropped on me!)

Listening to a panel of beauty experts, who were speaking about building your brand from the ground up, one thing that really stuck with me was importance of being an authentic voice and having a point of differentiation from everyone else in your field. This is not ground-breaking advice but it’s something that so often feels ignored by many influencers. You don’t have to look too hard to see that the fashion blogging world is over-saturated with bloggers who all look and dress exactly alike. Many times there’s no real distinguishing factors or depth in content past just the photo posted (I’m guilty of this too). I think it’s so easy for all of us to fall into a habit of mimicking what we see top bloggers doing and the styles they’re wearing, which quickly leads to more cliche, copycat content that adds to the noise.

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Summer Fresh

Red, White and Blue // With Love, AmandaThere’s something about wearing an off-the-shoulder that make me feel so feminine. It’s one of my favorite things to wear in the summer. Add a chic statement bag and bold lip and you’re looking so fresh! I found this off-the-shoulder for a great price at Nordstrom, also check out this one too. The LV bag in this post is quite spendy but if you’re in the market for an less expensive “investment bag” then check out this gorgeous Prada red leather bag and this Gucci one.

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China Trip Part One: Changsha

China Trip // With Love, AmandaSo it’s been several weeks since we arrived back in Seattle from our trip to China and life as seemed to get away from me but I’ve finally started to get photos from our trip pulled together to share on the blog. During our two and a half week trip we visited three different cities – each one very different from the other. Our first stop was in my husband’s hometown of Changsha. Definitely a city I’d never heard of until I met him but a hugely populated city nonetheless, I mean this is China. Changsha is a city that doesn’t get the same Westerner tourists that places like Beijing and Shanghai get so I really stuck out like a sore thumb when walking down the streets – I got a lot of awkwardly long stares from locals. The food in Changsha was very tasty but also so spicy and I am not one who does well with lots of spicy food. Along with heat in the food the heat in the air was just as hot! Mixing 85+ degree temps with 90 percent humidity meant lightweight clothes were a must! I found these super light shorts from Nordstrom Rack right before we left and I was so happy that I brought them so I didn’t feel like my clothes were sticking to me. These shorts also have a matching top available too (here).

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Mellow Yellow

yellow-linen-top-01This weekend was the first in Seattle that it was warm enough for tanks and shorts! It actually ended up getting a bit too hot for me, I mean going from 70 degrees to 90… a bit to drastic but hey it was warm and sunny so I’ll take it. The weather did give me a chance to style a new top that I found for a steal at Nordstrom Rack. This yellow square cami by Melrose and Market has a bit of a boho feel with it’s frayed hem and I could see this going well with a lot of different types of looks. I added this with a pair of pale pink shorts that I bought at Old Navy several years ago (similar versions here and here) and finished off the look with this pair of Soludos lace up ankle-wrap espadrille sandals. Scroll down to see more from this look!

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High-Waisted Trousers with Florals

Floral Blazer // With Love, Amanda
Many of us were rocking the florals all through spring but I’m going to keep them going all into summer because why not? I’ve been trying to rework the existing pieces in my closet to create new, unique outfits without needing to shop too much (I know, who doesn’t want to shop?) I really love these light grey high-waisted pants from Aritzia (similar here and here) and they paired perfectly with a floral blazer (similar here and here).

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