Burgundy Wool Coat for Fall

Burgundy Wool Coat, Uniqlo, Fall Fashion

This week the temps really dropped in Seattle so when I spotted this burgundy wool coat at Uniqlo I knew I needed to add into my rotation this fall.  This week the temps really dropped in Seattle making it the perfect time to pull out the warm coats. As much as I love my puffer down North Face jacket I also love a chic wool coat. I immediately was drawn to this one because of the color which I bought in wine or more commonly burgundy.

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Drape Front Jacket

Max Jeans Drape Front Jacket

Jackets are probably something that I have too much of but in Seattle we tend to live in these for a large part of the year. Basic necessity? I think so. When I came across this drape front jacket at Nordstrom Rack I was sold on it pretty quickly. As we head into fall, Seattle is in this awkward transitional period where its not cold enough for a heavy jacket but also cool enough where I want some type of outerwear over my shirt. This jacket is perfect for that. Made from 100% Tencel, also known as lyocell, this is probably one of the softest materials I own! Read More

Fall Color: Tamarind

Aritzia Merino Wool Sweater, Cold Weather Fashion, Fashion Style Inspiration

I’ve always been someone that stuck to a pretty safe color palette when it came to my clothes. I think a lot of it was when I was a child shopping with my mom I’d see her write off certain colors of because they didn’t match her skin tone. From there, I always assumed those colors were not for me either. It’s only been later in life to where I realized that we look better in differing color tones. On a recent Aritzia shopping trip I originally picked up a black merino wool sweater that I wanted to try on and then the associate pulled this sweater and showed it to me. I wasn’t sure about the color, called Tamarind, but decided to try it on and ended up loving it. After doing more online research, its clear to see this yellow-goldish tone is a pretty popular sweater color this fall see here and here.

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