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I’ve been doing some major browsing on Etsy this week. The amount of time I can waste on both Etsy and Pinterest is pretty remarkable, but I love finding new accessories and inspirations for design and style. Both of these sites hit the sweet spot for discovery.
Here’s my a-list picks for some beauties found on Etsy:
I’m loving the air plant trend and really need to jump on the wagon and buy a few for my apartment. I love that they’re relatively low maintenance especially since most of my water-needing plants seem to die on me. Here’s to finally not killing another plant!
I absolutely love this pale pink business card wallet! Currently, I don’t have anything dedicated to holding my business cards and it is always awkward when I’m giving my cards out at events I hate digging through my overly packed wallet to find a card. So this card wallet is a definite need.
I’ve hopped on board the geometric trends in fashion this year. I’m loving the minimalistic triangles, these are perfect for everyday wear.
A boss lady mug? I’ll take it!
Since moving into my new apartment I’ve been trying to find prints for my very bare walls. I love this print because it keeps me inspired to keep exploring.

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Animal print is a recently discovered fashion staple in my closet. I used to think that animal print clothing gave off a really sexy vibe, and definitely not something I could pull off especially in the work environment. In the past year or two animal print has started to make a comeback and now I’m absolutely obsessed with it.
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There are a lot of right ways to incorporate animal print into your professional wardrobe but there are some definite no-no’s as well.
Here are some tips on how I incorporate animal print into my office attire:
  1. Pick only one piece of animal print clothing or accessories per outfit i.e. blouse, skirt, shoes or scarf
  2. Try mixing and matching animal print pieces with solid pastels or solid bright colors – black always works well too, but why not spice it up?
  3. If you want to wear an animal print top make sure to keep it a loose fitting blouse like the one pictured above. Wearing a tight-fitting or low cut animal print top runs the risk of you looking sleezy rather than chic.
  4. Animal print accessories i.e. shoes, jewelry or scarfs work great to add some spice to an otherwise dull outfit.
Above all, keep it fun and fearless, and you’ll pull off the animal print trend in total office-chic fashion.

If you’re looking for more animal print inspiration, check out my Animal Print Fashion Pinterest board.

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It hasn’t felt too much like spring yet here in Seattle, but today was absolutely beautiful and calling for a high of 70 degrees! Even though I’m stuck indoors at work I pulled together some of my favorite spring essentials to celebrate.

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Recently, I’ve been obsessing over anything that is rose gold. Last week I finally bought my first piece of rose gold jewelry and absolutely love it! I ordered a rose gold bar necklace (above) on Etsy from Tiffany Avenue Bridal and so far I’ve worn it to work everyday. Tiffany Avenue has fun selection of dainty jewelry pieces that are also very affordable. You should definitely go check out their Etsy shop.

Below are several of my top picks for some of my favorite rose gold accessories.
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