Five tips for effortless style

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Achieving an effortless style is something many of us aspire to but may not know where to start. Looking like you just randomly threw a few things on, while still looking put together is not as hard as it seems when you have the right tools in your closet. Below are five tips to help guide you.

Invest in quality, classic pieces

Quality pieces almost instantly make you look more put together. When you pair that with classic pieces you get something that won’t be out of style next season and lasts longer as well. Some of my favorite staple classics are a white button down, well-fitted jeans, a wool sweater, a black and patterned blazer, a cashmere scarf, and a pair of loafers.

Be picky when it comes to trends

As tempting as it might be to chase every fun trend, and effortless style means having a signature style. Trends are fleeting and if you want to start developing a personal style that looks effortless, avoiding trying every trend. Maybe you want to try out the leopard print trend, if so, instead of buying a pair of leopard print pants that might be off-trend come next year buy a leopard print scarf that is a more chic and longer-lasting option.

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Burgundy Wool Coat for Fall

Burgundy Wool Coat, Uniqlo, Fall Fashion

This week the temps really dropped in Seattle so when I spotted this burgundy wool coat at Uniqlo I knew I needed to add into my rotation this fall.  This week the temps really dropped in Seattle making it the perfect time to pull out the warm coats. As much as I love my puffer down North Face jacket I also love a chic wool coat. I immediately was drawn to this one because of the color which I bought in wine or more commonly burgundy.

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Drape Front Jacket

Max Jeans Drape Front Jacket

Jackets are probably something that I have too much of but in Seattle we tend to live in these for a large part of the year. Basic necessity? I think so. When I came across this drape front jacket at Nordstrom Rack I was sold on it pretty quickly. As we head into fall, Seattle is in this awkward transitional period where its not cold enough for a heavy jacket but also cool enough where I want some type of outerwear over my shirt. This jacket is perfect for that. Made from 100% Tencel, also known as lyocell, this is probably one of the softest materials I own! Read More

Fall Color: Tamarind

Aritzia Merino Wool Sweater, Cold Weather Fashion, Fashion Style Inspiration

I’ve always been someone that stuck to a pretty safe color palette when it came to my clothes. I think a lot of it was when I was a child shopping with my mom I’d see her write off certain colors of because they didn’t match her skin tone. From there, I always assumed those colors were not for me either. It’s only been later in life to where I realized that we look better in differing color tones. On a recent Aritzia shopping trip I originally picked up a black merino wool sweater that I wanted to try on and then the associate pulled this sweater and showed it to me. I wasn’t sure about the color, called Tamarind, but decided to try it on and ended up loving it. After doing more online research, its clear to see this yellow-goldish tone is a pretty popular sweater color this fall see here and here.

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