Prints On Pants & With Love, Amanda’s Birthday

Printed Pants, Blouse, Outift

Exciting news! This month marks my second year of blogging at With Love, Amanda. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been doing this for two years, and let’s be real, I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing! Regardless, I do know that I have grown and learned a lot, mostly through trial an error.

The past two years of fashion blogging have definitely taught me a lot about myself. I’ve started to finally define what my personal style is and I have started editing my closet to reflect that style. It’s also taught me a lot about confidence. As as bullied child and very unconfident teenager/young adult I never would have thought that I’d be doing something like this and putting myself out there for the whole world to scrutinize.

To celebrate two years, With Love, Amanda is debuting a new look with refreshed colors and a brand new logo! And now let’s move to the outfit…

One of the first outfit posts I ever did when I started my blog involved this pair of printed joggers and they’re making a reappearance on the blog again today. I thought pairing them with an oversized blouse and a pair of pumps would be a fun look and if you throw a blazer on top, an easy look for the office. Click the read more button to see more from this look and to shop similar items to recreate for yourself. 
Printed Pants, Blouse, OutiftPrinted Pants, Blouse, OutiftPrinted Pants, Blouse, OutiftPrinted Pants, Blouse, Outift